Gibbon Education Limited


The list below shows the 141 Query Builder queries curently included in the Gibbon Value Added License.


  • Activities Attendance Status Today
  • Activities by Staff
  • Activity Choices in Selected Year
  • Activity Enrolment by Activity
  • Activity Enrolment Overview For Specified Year
  • Activity Overview Including Days & Staff


  • Applicants With Year Group & Status By School Year
  • Application Frequency by Year and Month
  • Application Mailing & Phone Summary
  • Applications By DOB
  • Applications in Specified Year
  • Language Choices in Next Year's Applications
  • Left Students with Departure Reasons
  • Left Students with Orphaned Student Enrolments
  • Total Applications and Acceptances


  • Registered Alumni Email Addresses


  • All "Final" External Assessment Results
  • Complete Markbook Column Count by Class in the Current Term
  • Export All Markbook Columns In Current Year
  • External Assessment Overview
  • External Assessment Results by Year Group
  • Formal Assessment Results By Student
  • GCSE Target Grades For Students In A Year Group
  • Internal Assessment Results In The Current Year - Completion Check
  • Internal Assessment Results In The Specified Year
  • Markbook Column Count by Student in Specified Year
  • Markbook Entries for Whole School Over Past Month
  • Markbook Entries for Year Group
  • Markbook Entries for Year Group (All Historic)
  • Markbook EOY for Last Year


  • ATL Check
  • ATL Result Dump for Current School Year


  • Attendance Taking Count by Student
  • Class Attendance as Percentage
  • Lateness Count in Last Week by Student
  • School Days Present Between Two Dates by Student
  • Self-Registration Failure Count By Student


  • Badges Granted Count Since Specified Date
  • Badges Granted In The Specified Year


  • Behaviour Records by Year Group

Data Checks

  • Students Without Photos
  • Students/Staff Without House


  • Parent Emails By Student Transport


  • Invoice Payments Made Today

Free Learning

  • All Free Learning Enrolment in the Current Year
  • All Free Learning Units
  • Discussion Entries - Class Teacher
  • Discussion Entries - School Mentor
  • Exemplar Work By Specified School Year
  • Free Learning Course Completion Percentage by Student
  • Free Learning Engagement by Student
  • Free Learning Teacher Engagements
  • Mean Wait Time By Class Teacher In Specified School Year
  • Mean Wait Time By School Mentor In Specified School Year
  • Outstanding Free Learning Assessment
  • Unit Completion By Student In Specified Year
  • Unit Completion Count By Student And Specified School Year
  • Unit Count by Author
  • Units by Author
  • Units With Blocks
  • Units Without Minimum Year Group Set

Individual Needs

  • Individual Needs by Form Group
  • Individual Needs Notes
  • Students With Language Information


  • All Current Library Loans
  • Inventory Replacement Cost & Schedule
  • Overdue Library Loans

Meet The Teacher

  • Missing Parent Login Codes


  • Form Group Transition From Last To This Year
  • Number of Years Students Have Been In School


  • Average Homework Time Cap by Teacher
  • Homework Count by Student for Last Week
  • Homework Details by Student for Last Week
  • Homework Overview by Student
  • Outcomes
  • Percentage of Homework Lessons with Time Cap by Teacher
  • Percentage of Lessons with Homework by Teacher
  • Planner Entries In Current Year
  • Planner Time Cap Usage by Year Group
  • Weekly Planner Summary Email Non-Confirm Count

School Admin

  • List All Facilities


  • All Staff
  • Staff Initials

Students & Families

  • Active Student Count by Family & Parent
  • All Active Parents
  • All Active Parents Linked To Enroled & Active Students
  • All Current Students - Master List
  • All Current Students With First Year In School
  • Alumni From Last 5 Years
  • Citizenship Frequency
  • Contact Priority 1 Parent Email for Students With Privacy Required
  • Family Contacts For Last Graduating Cohort
  • Family Overview
  • Female Student Emails in Class by Teacher Username
  • Length of Stay
  • Medical Conditions For All Students
  • Parent Contact Details by Student in Current Year
  • Parent Logins Between Specified Dates
  • Parental Email & Personal Data By Form Group
  • Parental Telephone List
  • Primary Home Language Frequency
  • Sibling List In Current Year - All Students
  • Sibling List In Current Year - Only Siblings
  • Student Agreements For Whole School
  • Student Day Type by Form Group
  • Student Enrolment Count By Term
  • Student Leavers By End Date In Past Year
  • Student Notes by Date Range
  • Student Privacy Visual Overview
  • Student Start & End Summary
  • Student Transport
  • Students By House
  • Students With No Family
  • Students With No Form Group
  • Students with Username by Form Group
  • Students with Username by Year Group
  • Students Without Logins Between Specified Dates
  • Vehicle Registrations
  • Whole School Mailing List

System Admin

  • All Login Logs Within Last X Hours
  • Completed Database Migrations


  • Complete Student Timetable Output
  • Complete Timetable Output
  • Course Selection Results in Given Year
  • Course/Class Selections in Current Year
  • Courses in the Specified Year
  • Facility Usage Summary
  • Number Of Classes Per Year By Class
  • Subject Selections for Year Group
  • Teacher Email Addresses By Student
  • Teacher Student Count in a Given School Year
  • Teachers Of Courses and Classes in Current Year
  • Timetable Day Occurrences Count In Specified Year
  • Under and Over Enrolled Classes in Specified School Year

User Admin

  • All Current Users with Primary Role Category and Email
  • All Personal Documents by Type
  • Form Group Student Count For All School Years
  • Role Count For Active Users
  • Students with Personal Documents Expiring/Expired
  • User Roles Listed By Role
  • Users with Duplicate Email Address


The list below shows the 30 Query Builder commands curently included in the Gibbon Value Added License.


  • Remove Orphaned Student Enrolments


  • Update Internal Assessment Go Live Dates


  • Delete Absence Data By Student
  • Delete Absence Data By Year Group
  • Set Target Classes Attendanceable
  • Set Target Classes Attendanceable by Year Group

Free Learning

  • Delete Open Free Learning Enrolments for Left Students
  • Delete Open Free Learning Enrolments in Target Year
  • Replace String in Free Learning Unit Course
  • Replace String in Free Learning Unit Name
  • Set Unit Activation by Course Name
  • Switch Free Learning Mentors


  • Update Dates for Overdue Library Loans


  • Update Planner Access by Date
  • Update Planner Dates by Date
  • Update Planner Times By Day - Wednesday

Students & Families

  • Clear All Student Transport Details
  • Clear Transport and Transport Notes for All Students
  • Remove All Student Enrolment by School Year
  • Set Parent Email to Yes for all Full Students Enroled in Current Year
  • Update Student Start Dates
  • Update User Start Dates by Date


  • Change Timetable Facility by Class
  • Change Timetable Space by Person
  • Clear Facility by Year Group and Date
  • Create Timetable Exceptions for Class Teacher
  • Delete All Timetable Days On/After Specified Date
  • Delete Facility Changes
  • Replace String in Course Name

User Admin

  • Set Password by Start Date